White Pines Housing

Situated in the foothills of the Dublin mountains, White Pines by Ardstone creates exemplary placemaking for a new generation of contemporary housing typologies set in a Sylvan setting.

The 175-unit residential development is a mix of different house types arranged as detached, semi-detached and 3 to 6-unit terrace type housing. Each street has a unique character and has been designed as a Home-Zone.

The Home-Zone streets have buffer planting to the front of the housing units offering privacy from the street. The central spine of the development is a landscaped feature of wildflowers, culminating at a children’s play area with feature pedestrian walkways lined with timber pergolas as they circumnavigate the development.

Landscaping incorporates native tree species and a wildflower mix to comply with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. The native hedgerow and existing trees were retained along the western boundary of the scheme. Wildlife benefits from a continuous loop of habitat/planting around the edges of the scheme.

The project also involved a new site entrance feature wall with granite cladding and perforated brick which acts as a beacon for the site off Stocking Avenue. The project was practically complete (175 units) in June 2019 and the new ‘community’ has already made an impact into the demographics of the area and has been the ‘catalyst’ for this part of the city. (From Architects Website)


Reddy Architecture and Urbanism


March 31, 2021