Beach Haus

McKevitt King Architects have become the latest design team to work on one of the most iconic dwellings in the north east. ‘The Beach Haus’ located in Bettystown, Co. Meath, has become somewhat of a local landmark on the east coast over the past decade. From being initially described as quarters for James Bond, to becoming a spectacular modern family home, this building’s history and evolution is interesting. Our client was instantly struck by the design quality and further potential of the dwelling. The Beach Haus is a wonderfully complex and interesting refurbishment and renovation project. We focused on the detail, bringing a high level of respect to the existing dwelling, the site, the context and original design intention whilst transforming and reimagining the spaces to suit the needs of our client and to realise their vision.


McKevitt King Architects


March 26, 2021


Architecture, Interior