Point Campus

The development at Point Campus includes a 966-bedroom student housing scheme with an enterprise centre and retail uses on two blocks of the Dublin Docklands Strategic Development Zone. The student housing is arranged around private inner courtyards and provides a mix of 5 to 8 bed cluster units in a 6 to 7 storey development, with internal and external amenity spaces of c. 5,200 m².

With an emphasis on safe, high quality accommodation in a professionally managed development, the project provides a variety of amenities. The quality and variety of the spaces was key to the developments long term success. The broad mix of spaces allows for diverse uses and multi-functionality allowing for individual and group spaces; quiet and noisy spaces; active and meditative spaces, music room, gym, yoga studio, cinema, lounge deck, coffee docks, meeting/study rooms, exercise track, contemplative space and roof garden.

Brick and glazing systems provide individuality and character to each of the blocks while allowing the two buildings to be read as part of the same idiom, rooted in the architectural history of Dublin. (From Architects Website)


Reddy Architecture and Urbanism


March 31, 2021


Architecture, Interior