Google Bridge Dublin

The design and delivery of an enclosed pedestrian bridge connecting three Google buildings on Barrow Street has provided Reddy A+U with one of the most challenging and rewarding commissions the office has had to date.

The Bridge has become an iconic element in the areas architecture and psyche and the visually strong structure and lighting has brought a sense of fun, identity and intrigue to the project at Google’s Irish headquarter.

The bridge was installed as part of the wider fit out of Gordon House for Google, also carried out by Reddy A+U. It seeks to represent in built form Google’s watchwords of innovation and simplicity, and to reflect its corporate colours through lighting. The external street space below is being upgraded to a new pedestrian-friendly landscaped public realm for Barrow Street, facilitating easy access between the three buildings at ground level. (From Architects Website)


Reddy Architecture and Urbanism


April 6, 2021