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A quick visit to Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay is one of those locations that pops up now and then on various photography forums and gallery sites. Situated on the beautiful Antrim coastline I sometimes think it gets slightly overlooked. Having The […]


Zap those dust bunnies…

Its all too often I see images printed large and then a customer sees the odd spot of dust that was missed in post processing. Some never even notice these spots and they end up […]


Podcasts I like….

I spend a lot of time with my headphones on…. be it my 2.5 hour return commute to Dublin everyday, the 8 hours a day in front of a screen in the office or the […]


Write down those photo ideas…

Basically I have a head like a sieve…! I’m often walking along listening to my music, or sitting looking out the window of the bus, daydreaming, when suddenly, in jumps an idea for a photograph […]


Ballydowane Cove, Waterford

About 2 months ago the wife and I decided we would take a short holiday somewhere in Ireland. Normally hen we do this I plan on heading out for some landscape photography at least once […]

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Tips for shooting Seascapes

Living close to the sea, I like nothing better than being alone on beach looking for a composition and waiting for the sky to come to life with the first or last rays of the […]


Just about happy…..

Ok so it has finally happened… after a few years owning my domain and setup up a few websites for other people I have finally pretty much finished my own website and blog. It has […]


The Arctic light

Here’s a video I watched over on Vimeo. It must be an amazing time for a landscape photographer to have basically 8-12 golden hours. Filmed  29th April and 10th May 2011 in the Arctic, on the archipelago Lofoten […]