*For the moment I will no longer be taking bookings for weddings. Feel free to contact me and I will make some recommendations for other photographers in your area*

Below you will find some samples of the weddings I have shot over the last few years. When shooting weddings I try to capture emotions and expressions that might otherwise be lost. I shoot with specialist lens that allow me to shoot mostly without flash and give an ethereal heavenly feel to my images. I try to shoot from a distance and keep out of the way of the goings on of the day to allow people relax and look less posed. I progress to the group (or mother in law shots….!) and again try to capture natural expressions and emotions in peoples faces. To me there is nothing worse than forced fake expressions and hope that with my pictures you see the real personality of the people I am photographing. As well as that I have a very warm personality and like to interact with the bride, groom and guests on the day and encourage them to relax… its not a gun I’m pointing at you…!!!

My typical day would begin at the bride or grooms house as they get ready for the day ahead. After that I’ll head to the church before people arrive to ensure everything is looking good and to photograph the arriving guests…. shooting little details as I go. Again mostly I will shoot from a distance and not intrusively point my cameras in someones face. I stay outside (in the rain if I have to… dont worry I bring brollys for the bride and groom…!!!) and await the arrival of the bride. Next up I rush inside to capture the bride walking up the aisle and from there shoot the ceremony using lens that allow me to shoot from a distance and without flash. Throughout the ceremony I’ll watch for moments, like the little flower girl smiling, the bride and groom holding hands, the tears in the fathers eyes… those moments that cant be seen by the guests but I refuse to let get away. After the ceremony again I will take some images of people embracing the bride and groom as they leave the church. If it can be accommodated into the typically tight schedule it can be nice to quickly head of privately with the bridal party to get some set up group shots…. maybe at the wedding venue, maybe somewhere special to you or maybe somewhere I know that just works for beautiful images. When all the formal stuff is over Iwill speed of to the venue to get the bride and groom arriving and then let everyone relax and get ready for their dinner. Again I will shoot from a distance those moments that you’ll cherish forever. Where most photographers will now take a quick shot of the bride and groom cutting the cake and head home I am settling in for the night. I will stick around with the guests and wait for the speechs… always a great opportunity for fun images. I’ll finish my days shooting when the bride and groom take to the floor for ‘The First Dance’… well maybe a couple more after that…! Thing is I love taking pictures…. I love making the bride, groom, family and friends happy be letting them remember one of the most important days of their lives.


What I ensure to provide are perfectly composed, well exposed, sharp, vibrant photographs of your day. I am very much my own worst critique and have extremely high standards when it comes to showing people my work. I shoot with very fast professional cameras and bring 2 of them as a backup on the day. I carry spare lens, batteries, camera bodies and flashes (these get used rarely…!!!!) to ensure if something go’s wrong that your day is not ruined…! As for the finished product…. Thats sort of up to you… if you go for a package with an album you will receive a beautiful hand made Italian leather album with lab printing images that you can cherish for years. I offer a few different packages that I can explain to you in detail if you contact me on the contact page of this website.


I cant wait to hear from you…..!!!!!

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