Below you will find some panoramic photographs I have produced over the last few years. The process and equipment for taking these photographs is quite specialist but the results are worth the complication. The original versions of all of these images are extremely high resolution and are capable of being printed at an extremely large scale with noticeable loss of image quality. I have had one of these images commissioned and printed as a wall covering totaling 9 meters by 3 meters high. These images are all stitched panoramas. All images are shot with a 22 megapixel using multiple vertical exposures and then joined together to make a seamless single image in post processing. Please contact me on the contact form page of this site if you are interested in commissioning or purchasing one of these images.

Vertical Pano.jpgFinal Sharp copy.jpgLarge 2.jpgLarge 4.jpgPano 1.jpg_MG_41608 Pano 2.jpgPanorama3.jpgPano 11.jpgPano 2.jpgPano 3.jpgPano C Sharp.jpgLarge 3.jpgpano.jpgPano3.jpgHorizontal Pano.jpgPanorama4.jpg_MG_3047pano.jpg_MG_41612 Pano.jpg_MG_6116Pano.jpg



  1. Niall Costello June 14, 2011 at 16:49 #

    Really really like the first Drogheda shot Richie!

    • richiehatch June 14, 2011 at 17:03 #

      Thanks Niall….! Appreciate the comment. I like it too but it needs to be viewed huge to appreciate it.


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