Below are a selection of landscapes images I have shot over the last few years. This area of photography is probably what I enjoy the most. I have found nothing better than being alone on a deserted beach for sunrise or sunset, witnessing and capturing some of the most amazing skys and colours on Earth. Ireland is a stunningly beautiful country and I never get bored of heading out and looking for that hidden beach or unseen rock formation thats asking to be photographed. I shoot almost exclusively in that golden hour around sunrise and sunset. The colours are more intense and the angle of light more interesting. I hope I have captured something in my images that portrays that sense of beauty. Please feel free to comment on my images below the gallery.



  1. Tommy McDermott June 14, 2011 at 08:27 #

    At last we see the finished artical Richie !
    A stunning collection of what i know is only a fraction of your finest work !
    Congrats on finally setting it all out and getting the website up. Very impressive as always and Im humbled for the link from the master himself. Best of luck with the site, I’ll be a regular in to see your new posts and blogs


    • richiehatch June 14, 2011 at 11:57 #

      Yeah it was a while coming Tommy…! To be honest it was difficult to pick stuff for the site but I didnt want to overdo it with millions of average images. No doubt the above images will be changed and moved around but they roughly represent my favorite landscape images.
      The master…. I aint no master…. Far from it man..!!! hahaha
      No probs on the link… I’d love a return link over on your site… wink wink.

      See ye


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