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A 2015 favourite….

So you’ve likely established I shoot a lot of architecture and landscape. On top of that I’m a family man and love nothing better than┬ácapturing moments of my families day to day life. I’ve 2 […]


Dispose of the disposables at weddings!

As you are likely aware I now work in Mahers Chemist in the photographic department. One of my many duties is to develop and print films… yes films… them things from the past… yes they […]

Screen-Shot-2013-06-03-at-June-32013-23.42.png launched

Hi all…. I dont blog a lot as you are more than aware. One of the reasons is this… I’ve been busy for a few months on various little projects with this new website being […]


Irelands newest Canon Pro Centre

And its right on my doorstep. Official opening next Wednesday at 7pm in store. Worth a look as they will have the new Canon 6D, 1DX and many other yet to be seen and hard […]


A wedding at a beautiful location….

Back at the end of July I shot a wedding for the beautiful Annabella and Tommy. Having shot another wedding in the same place a couple of years ago I kind off new what to […]


Podcasts I like….

I spend a lot of time with my headphones on…. be it my 2.5 hour return commute to Dublin everyday, the 8 hours a day in front of a screen in the office or the […]


Mid-Louth Camera Club Exhibition 2012

Hi all…. yeah its been a while again since my last post but I have a few coming up soon. Anyway as you are probably aware I am an active member of a camera club. […]


Write down those photo ideas…

Basically I have a head like a sieve…! I’m often walking along listening to my music, or sitting looking out the window of the bus, daydreaming, when suddenly, in jumps an idea for a photograph […]


My Apple Life

Firstly many apologies for the massive gap in my blog. I’ve been fairly busy at work and at home and kinda lost interest for a while. I have a few ideas in my head for […]