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Zap those dust bunnies…

Its all too often I see images printed large and then a customer sees the odd spot of dust that was missed in post processing. Some never even notice these spots and they end up […]


Some Basic Filter advice….

As you may be aware I shoot a lot of landscape and architectural photographs. For landscapes I’d say I use filters in 95% of my shots to balance exposures and/or control shutter speeds. With architectural […]


Write down those photo ideas…

Basically I have a head like a sieve…! I’m often walking along listening to my music, or sitting looking out the window of the bus, daydreaming, when suddenly, in jumps an idea for a photograph […]


Tips for shooting Panoramas

I have been an avid landscape, seascape and architectural photographer for quite a while now. On occasion I’ll encounter a scene or building that can simply not be captured in a traditional single frame capture. […]

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Tips for shooting Seascapes

Living close to the sea, I like nothing better than being alone on beach looking for a composition and waiting for the sky to come to life with the first or last rays of the […]