A 2015 favourite….

So you've likely established I shoot a lot of architecture and landscape. On top of that I'm a family man and love nothing better than capturing moments of my families day to day life. I've 2 kids both of which like to get their pictures taken (how could they not when they have a photo nut for a father.....!). This year on the now annual summer holiday we travelled to Italy and for a change I brought my Canon 5D3 and a couple of lens. I personally love to shoot with a telephoto lens.... be it for portraits or shooting in cities and towns. That compressed perspective gives me a more interesting angle than a wide angle.... pulling distant objects together forcing a truer sense of scale. Anyway whilst on hols I shot this little picture of my son Lucas and his cousin Ciaran. I called it 'After the Battle' and for me its my favourite shot of 2015....! (It looks great in print but less so on here...!) Happy New Year


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A quick visit to Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay is one of those locations that pops up now and then on various photography forums and gallery sites. Situated on the beautiful Antrim coastline I sometimes think it gets slightly overlooked. Having The Giants Causeway, Ballintoy and Dunluce Castle all within a short drive I think it might slip to the bottom of a lot of landscape photographers to-do lists! On those rare occasions it popped up It always rose back to the top of my list but being a 2.5 hour drive from where I live it quickly slipped back down. Anyway last Saturday morning my trusty chauffeur arrived at 2am to head of to this so far unexplored location. Since I mentioned Murlough to Graham he has been on my case to get up there and shoot it so I eventually caved..! Hahaha. Anyway we arrived earlier than expected giving us ample time to snoop around in the dark looking for good spots for sunrise. Being slightly put off by the sight of couple of vehicles parked in an unusually remote spot we kitted up and headed off for a walk. The classic location to shoot this location is from a high point looking over the bay but I fancied trying somewhere else out before heading up there.

Murlough Pano 2

Anyway for a change when we started shooting we where greeted with a semi decent sunrise. I was beginning to think that I was developing a style unintentionally! Almost every time I head out I am greeted by dull overcast skies. To be honest I actually don't mind them moody type of skies but some locations deserve decent light. This being one of them I was delighted when the sky finally delivered. We began at a small sandy beach to the southern most point of the bay and worked our way to the Northern high point of the bay to finish off. With the tide being out the beautiful smooth volcanic rocks where exposed and reflecting that nice light. We shot away for a couple of hours in the nice low light before heading back home. Stopping for breakfast in Frankie and Bennys we arrived home around 11:30... time enough for me to cut my grass...! Browse through the images below and feel free to comment or question my sanity....!!!!

_MG_9726.jpg_MG_9736.jpg_MG_9749.jpg_MG_9754.jpg_MG_9756.jpg_MG_9757.jpg_MG_9766.jpg_MG_9771.jpgMurlough Pano 2.jpg

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A quick visit to Ballintoy

A couple of weeks back I made a relatively unplanned visit to Ballintoy beach in County Antrim (with a great photographer Graham Kelly). We gave ourselves plenty of time to get there in time for sunset and arrive about 90 mins before the sun was due to drop below the horizon. The tide was going to be perfect and the weather was looking decent too. By decent I mean changeable...! I find the best weather is often when the forecasters predict sun, rain, wind, hail and snow all on the same day. There are bound to be dramatic skies at least.

_MG_1245So we arrived early as planned but unfortunately, to high winds and drizzle. Also the direction of the wind meant that the sea spray was horrendous. Having shot in worse conditions a few weeks earlier in Donegal we put the coats on and headed West from the car-park for the short 15 min walk to the beach. Having seen some very fine photos from Gary McParland and Stephen Dickey I've wanted to shoot Ballintoy for quite some time. Theres everything here for the seascape photographer from interesting foregrounds to great sea stacks and arches. Elephant Rock being probably the most photographed object in this small bay is truly beautiful and actually a lot bigger than I expected. Unfortunately with the high tide and heavy swell on the sea it was going to be difficult to capture a shot of the rock without getting soaked. Therefore we both decided to concentrate on the other side of the bay where we had a little bit more interesting foreground and a slightly better shelter from the sea spray.

The light began very flat to begin with and we both thought we would get nothing out of the evening. In the last few years I actually think bad light follows me so in some ways I just embrace it and get as good a shot as I can in the conditions that arrive! In some ways grey skies are probably more a part of our countries weather than fluffy clouds and spectacular sunsets.


Before even starting to shoot I took quite a hard fall on some seaweed covered rocks. Much to the amusement of some tourists who where watching this fully kitted out photographer I struggled to my feet and let on as if I wasn't in any type of pain at all. Haha. I couldn't wait until they fecked off so that I could check my tripod, camera, hip, arse and 2 knees (in that order) for damage. Anyway apart from the now football sized bruise on my hip no major damage was done.

The skies improved for literally 10 mins and I made the most of the position I was in, slowly working my way over towards the classic Elephant Rock shot. Unfortunately by the time I reached said position the light was gone again and the rain was starting to arrive. With a few decent shots in the bag we headed on back to the car for the 2 hour drive home. Overall I came away from the evening fairly happy with my favourite shot being one that I might have been able to capture much closer to home in similar conditions. Regardless its the getting out and enjoying whats in front of you that really matters..! Have a look through the few images here to see how I got on.


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Zap those dust bunnies…

Its all too often I see images printed large and then a customer sees the odd spot of dust that was missed in post processing. Some never even notice these spots and they end up framed or even mounted for a judges eyes to scrutinise...! Having judged many competitions these pesky 'dust bunnies' are a pet hate of mine. Plain and simple... if they appear on a print then I immediately take a point off! Especially so in advanced categories where said photographer should be able to see what I can see!!!!!!

Anyway... most modern DSLRs have some form of sensor cleaning but thats generally not enough to remove the stubborn bits.... regardless at the stage where you see them on a print or on your screen its too late.... so.... a quick solution to this problem and one most people even vaguely familiar with Photoshop and layers should be able to muster up the courage to try. So the most obvious tools to get rid of these are the simple clone and heal tools which work a treat once you can see all the spots in the first place. Theres where the problem starts.... if for example you have a blue sky that gradually fades to a darker blue it becomes difficult to see the offending spots. Especially if there are a few fluffy clouds in the mix..! Simply create an adjustment layer, selecting levels as your adjustment, above your main image layer. Then take the levels adjustment and drag the black slider on the histogram and move it to the right. Your image will immediately look very contrasty and weird but the offending dust spots should now be easier to see and therefore easier to remove with the heal or clone tool. Remember to reselect your image layer before trying to clone the spots away. Because you have created an adjustment layer when you are done you can simply delete the layer and your image will return to looking normal but without said dust spots. Have a look at the screen grabs below if you are stuck.

Of course you can also remove these dust spots in Lightroom or Aperture but in general I leave that job for photoshop. I find it quicker and more precise in there. In saying that, Lightroom 5's Spot removal tool is massively better than previous versions...!

Happy zapping.....!

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at August 4,2013 - 00.34Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at August 4,2013 - 00.33

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Dispose of the disposables at weddings!

As you are likely aware I now work in Mahers Chemist in the photographic department. One of my many duties is to develop and print films... yes films... them things from the past... yes they still exist. I actually really enjoy the whole process as its nice to get away from the digital side of things from time to time.  Of course disposable cameras contain film so they are part of my daily routine..... crack the case open, take the film out, remove the battery (normally still containing most of its original capacity....!!!) and throw the case away. An environmental disaster for a start...! But they still have their place in the photographic world... just about! That time when you've forgotten your camera, lost your smartphone and desperately need a camera! Cheap too. We sell decent quality ones and they only cost €4.99. So yes they can get you out of a hole.

But results/prints are what matter right? Well thats where the problem lies. In the 4 months I have been printing them I have yet to see a decent image. I know its the photographer that does the work and not the camera but the camera in this case is so limiting that it makes it almost impossible to get a decent exposure or sharp image. Also they pretty much do not work at night... even with the flash. Your subject needs to be very close to the camera to be exposed by the tiny flash.

What actually spurred me to write this post was the amount of couples who buy loads of them to leave on the tables at their wedding. The majority of these would be used during the evening or afters of the wedding when perhaps a drink or two would have been had! The cost might not be too cheap either... lets say  15 cameras at €4.99 each. Processing at €7.50 each. Thats a total of around €190. So some couples are paying between €150 and €200 for basically nothing...!

So the solution..? Either pay your photographer to stay a bit longer or hire a second photographer for the afters. I know its an extra cost but at least you should get some useable images. Then you can tell them to come in to us to get them printed...!

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ViewDrogheda.ie launched

Hi all.... I dont blog a lot as you are more than aware. One of the reasons is this... I've been busy for a few months on various little projects with this new website being one of them. Heres the blurb to describe what it is...

"ViewDrogheda.ie is a collaboration between 3 passionate photographers, Richie Hatch, Tommy McDermott and Neil White, who's objective it is to promote the town of Drogheda photographically. Many websites already exist to promote events, advertise business and document individual areas but none exist until now that purely promote the town visually. Drogheda is a beautiful and historic town than in some ways cannot be described in words. We have set out to describe this town in pictures... not any old pictures but carefully taken photos all viewable here on this site. In time all images will be available to purchase. This site is a live site and will change constantly when we have shot new work. Happy viewing."


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Irelands newest Canon Pro Centre

And its right on my doorstep. Official opening next Wednesday at 7pm in store. Worth a look as they will have the new Canon 6D, 1DX and many other yet to be seen and hard to get items on display for a gawk... Have a look at the flyer below for information....

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