apple services


Having worked on Apple Mac computers for almost 20 years I have a lot of experience in the general day to day running and setup as well as higher-end diagnostics and monitoring. I began using Apple computers using a Macintosh IIcx and even at this early stage I realised that the interface, usability and reliability far exceeded anything I had used before. It wasn’t a powerful computer by todays standards (a modern smart phone would be more than 10 time more powerful…!) but did exactly what it was supposed to do efficiently and dependably. Unfortunately at the time Apple Computers where extremely rare and very expensive to purchase and get serviced. In the end if you had a problem you ended up trying to sort it out yourself..! This suited me in the postion I held in the office and over time I became the network administrator of a small network of about 15 Macs, an XServe and many printers and peripherals. I now manage the same office (but with much more powerful computers…!) and various other networks of Apple computers on a contract basis. I have used and become proficient in many software packages also – form basic word processing to advanced server administration and computer aided design software. With advances in broadband connectivity I now also have the ability to remotely monitor and diagnose machines.

I am now able to offer my services to you…! If you are the owner of a single iMac at home and are having trouble connecting to the internet then I can help you. If you are a business owner with a small network of Macs and printers and cant get them to talk to one another I am sure I can advise and help. Some of the people I have worked with include…..

  • McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects – Computer admin and setup, software admin and training, network and server admin, backup setup and management
  • ODOS Architects – Computer admin and setup, network and server admin, backup setup and diagnostics
  • Gartland Architects – Computer admin and setup, network admin
  • Lawrence and Long Architects – Computer admin and setup, network and server admin, backup setup and diagnostics
  • FKL Architects – Network admin and setup, backup setup
  • McDonald Holdings Drogheda – Computer admin and setup, software admin and training, network setup and admin, backup setup and diagnostics

So if you would like to contact me with your Mac problems please do not hesitate to email me through the contact form on this website. Thanks a mill…!