A 2015 favourite….

So you’ve likely established I shoot a lot of architecture and landscape. On top of that I’m a family man and love nothing better than capturing moments of my families day to day life. I’ve 2 kids both of which like to get their pictures taken (how could they not when they have a photo nut for a father…..!). This year on the now annual summer holiday we travelled to Italy and for a change I brought my Canon 5D3 and a couple of lens. I personally love to shoot with a telephoto lens…. be it for portraits or shooting in cities and towns. That compressed perspective gives me a more interesting angle than a wide angle…. pulling distant objects together forcing a truer sense of scale. Anyway whilst on hols I shot this little picture of my son Lucas and his cousin Ciaran. I called it ‘After the Battle’ and for me its my favourite shot of 2015….! (It looks great in print but less so on here…!) Happy New Year


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