A quick visit to Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay is one of those locations that pops up now and then on various photography forums and gallery sites. Situated on the beautiful Antrim coastline I sometimes think it gets slightly overlooked. Having The Giants Causeway, Ballintoy and Dunluce Castle all within a short drive I think it might slip to the bottom of a lot of landscape photographers to-do lists! On those rare occasions it popped up It always rose back to the top of my list but being a 2.5 hour drive from where I live it quickly slipped back down. Anyway last Saturday morning my trusty chauffeur arrived at 2am to head of to this so far unexplored location. Since I mentioned Murlough to Graham he has been on my case to get up there and shoot it so I eventually caved..! Hahaha. Anyway we arrived earlier than expected giving us ample time to snoop around in the dark looking for good spots for sunrise. Being slightly put off by the sight of couple of vehicles parked in an unusually remote spot we kitted up and headed off for a walk. The classic location to shoot this location is from a high point looking over the bay but I fancied trying somewhere else out before heading up there.

Murlough Pano 2

Anyway for a change when we started shooting we where greeted with a semi decent sunrise. I was beginning to think that I was developing a style unintentionally! Almost every time I head out I am greeted by dull overcast skies. To be honest I actually don’t mind them moody type of skies but some locations deserve decent light. This being one of them I was delighted when the sky finally delivered. We began at a small sandy beach to the southern most point of the bay and worked our way to the Northern high point of the bay to finish off. With the tide being out the beautiful smooth volcanic rocks where exposed and reflecting that nice light. We shot away for a couple of hours in the nice low light before heading back home. Stopping for breakfast in Frankie and Bennys we arrived home around 11:30… time enough for me to cut my grass…! Browse through the images below and feel free to comment or question my sanity….!!!!

_MG_9726.jpg_MG_9736.jpg_MG_9749.jpg_MG_9754.jpg_MG_9756.jpg_MG_9757.jpg_MG_9766.jpg_MG_9771.jpgMurlough Pano 2.jpg

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