Dispose of the disposables at weddings!

As you are likely aware I now work in Mahers Chemist in the photographic department. One of my many duties is to develop and print films… yes films… them things from the past… yes they still exist. I actually really enjoy the whole process as its nice to get away from the digital side of things from time to time.  Of course disposable cameras contain film so they are part of my daily routine….. crack the case open, take the film out, remove the battery (normally still containing most of its original capacity….!!!) and throw the case away. An environmental disaster for a start…! But they still have their place in the photographic world… just about! That time when you’ve forgotten your camera, lost your smartphone and desperately need a camera! Cheap too. We sell decent quality ones and they only cost €4.99. So yes they can get you out of a hole.

But results/prints are what matter right? Well thats where the problem lies. In the 4 months I have been printing them I have yet to see a decent image. I know its the photographer that does the work and not the camera but the camera in this case is so limiting that it makes it almost impossible to get a decent exposure or sharp image. Also they pretty much do not work at night… even with the flash. Your subject needs to be very close to the camera to be exposed by the tiny flash.

What actually spurred me to write this post was the amount of couples who buy loads of them to leave on the tables at their wedding. The majority of these would be used during the evening or afters of the wedding when perhaps a drink or two would have been had! The cost might not be too cheap either… lets say  15 cameras at €4.99 each. Processing at €7.50 each. Thats a total of around €190. So some couples are paying between €150 and €200 for basically nothing…!

So the solution..? Either pay your photographer to stay a bit longer or hire a second photographer for the afters. I know its an extra cost but at least you should get some useable images. Then you can tell them to come in to us to get them printed…!

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