A wedding at a beautiful location….

Back at the end of July I shot a wedding for the beautiful Annabella and Tommy. Having shot another wedding in the same place a couple of years ago I kind off new what to expect in terms of location. But this one was a little different…. I guess the bride didn’t want to very similar pics to her sister who’s wedding I shot at the same location. So to make it different we went to probably one of the most beautiful (and appropriate) locations for a wedding shoot I have ever seen. The wedding was just outside Crawley in the South of England, the church being in Crawley itself and the reception in the brides beautiful family house in the countryside just outside Pease Pottage. Having shot the formal shots at the house for the previous wedding I was delighted when I heard we would be going to Nymans Gardens for this wedding. Nymans is a National Trust property which means it is incredibly well looked after. There wasn’t a dead flower head to be seen and every part of these huge gardens was immaculately well looked after. This place had absolutely everything for a wedding photographer…. from beautiful brick arches, natural wooded archways to water features and natural stone gazebos..! All authentic and well maintained. I couldn’t go wrong inthis place… no photographer of any merit could. This place was a wedding photographers wet dream…! The only thing against me was time. As anyone is aware, weddings can be time stressed enough without introducing extra venues for photography. Then I arrive at this amazing place where I could have shot all day but had to limit my options. The funny thing was that the bride and groom grew up only a couple of miles away from the place yet I think I knew more about it and all its features. I had a very set idea as to exactly how I was going to use my short amount of time to get the exact pictures I wanted. Thankfully some other wedding photographers had shot here so when doing my research I was able to see and plan my route through the gardens. Anyway I wont waffle on…. here are some pictures from the Nyamns Gardens and a few others from what turned out to be a very successful shoot….!


IMG_9155.jpgIMG_9161.jpgIMG_9171.jpgIMG_9178.jpgIMG_9189.jpg5D1 _MG_9068.jpgIMG_9193.jpgIMG_9195.jpgIMG_9198.jpgIMG_9200.jpgIMG_9205.jpgIMG_9211.jpgIMG_9222.jpgIMG_9223.jpgIMG_9228.jpgIMG_9229.jpgIMG_9256.jpgIMG_8793.jpgIMG_8780.jpg5D1 _MG_9027.jpgIMG_9013.jpgIMG_9014.jpgIMG_9009.jpgIMG_9006.jpgIMG_9023.jpgIMG_9041.jpg5D1 _MG_9038.jpgIMG_9061.jpg5D1 _MG_9033.jpgIMG_9114.jpg5D1 _MG_9054.jpgIMG_9318.jpgIMG_9338.jpgIMG_9353.jpg

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  1. Wedding photographer February 16, 2019 at 05:55 #

    A wedding day is the most memorable and sweet day for a couple’s life. They love to capture it for their future life. beautiful location is the key element t for perfect click of good memory.


  2. Wedding Photographer April 13, 2020 at 08:58 #

    Excellent article! It is looking so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

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