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I spend a lot of time with my headphones on…. be it my 2.5 hour return commute to Dublin everyday, the 8 hours a day in front of a screen in the office or the 2 hours a week walking behind the lawnmower…! That amounts to a lot of hours…. in fact I’ve no doubt I’m doing some type of irreparable damage to my ear drums. I’d prefer that, than listening to the drone of the bus engine or the endless technical phone calls in the office. Hahaha….. Anyway with so much listening to be done I had to get a decent, comfortable and reliable pair of headphones. I’ve been a fan of Sennhesier for a long time and wanted something that didnt release sound and annoy fellow workers or commuters but they also had to perform for the type of music and content I listen to. After a fair amount of reading reviews and chatting with friends I ended up with a pair of Sennheiser HD 25 II closed can style headphones. Super stuff which I highly recommend and not over styled like many of the over priced and underperforming rubbish out there…!

Anyway back to the reason I am typing this post… podcasts… I listen to a few photography ones religiously as well as other tech, footy and nerdy ones…! Here is a list with a little review of each… they are all available through iTunes but I’ll link to their websites too if there is one… First up the photography ones…

Probably one of the most listened to podcasts on the net and in my opinion probably the best. A great mix of guest speakers and interviews, product reviews and recommendations with a bit of  fun and banter thrown in. Not too tech heavy either.  Its my cutting the grass podcast which is prime time…!!!! 

A weekly Irish podcast run by Peter Cox, Roger Overall and Neil McShane looking at what is going on in the world of photography. 3 very different photographers with very different styles and opinions which makes for an entertaining and informative listen.

 A log running photography podcast touching on every aspect of photography. Martin is great to listen to and also often podcasts enhanced videocasts with reviews, interviews and competition results. Based out of Tokyo its interesting to hear whats going on on the other side of the planet.

 Roger Overall (from The Circle of Confusion fame…!) interviews some amazing and very famous photographers. Very interesting and informative stuff. Really like Rogers style of interviewing. Its a relatively new podcast and am really looking forward to see how this one develops…!

Chris Marquardt podcasts from Germany on a wide range of subjects. Informative, technical and very listenable..! Well… listenable apart from that annoying theme tune that gets stuck in your head for hours after listening. His style often seems a little unorganised but again its very listenable.

There are a couple of other Photography related podcasts that I listen to but irregularly so I wont bother mentioning them…! The next list are all kinda a bit random but please keep reading….

Josh and Chuck discuss the most random of things from ‘Can it rain frogs’ to ‘Body Odor’, in what turns out to be a highly entertaining and extremely interesting listen. Probably my favorite podcast of all. When subscribing go way back down through the list to find some seriously whacky episodes…. Highly recommend this one..!

A weekly update on whats going on in the world of technology. Everything from gaming to web and computers is discussed with some great interviews to boot. Worth a listen. The Guardian really do know how to make podcasts.

This is a videocast from the infamous TED talks. Some seriously amazing speakers in front of live audiences discussing everything from solutions for world problems to music and technology. Really worth a listen/watch…!

Being a self confessed Mac geek this is one I enjoy but obviously not to everyones taste . If you are my way inclined be sure to have a listen…! 

I’ve been a footy (Liverpool FC) fan for a long time. This podcast delivers a weekly mix of Premiership, International or whatever other footy is happening. Funny at times too. The Guardian deliver again…! 

Whilst I dont listen the podcast itself that often I do listen to the show live regularly so I can highly recommend the podcast. Award winning sports show by my favorite radio station…! 

Thats about it for podcasts that I listen to. If you have something worth adding to the list please leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list if its worth its position…! haha

Ill be back soon with another post…!


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