Ballydowane Cove, Waterford

About 2 months ago the wife and I decided we would take a short holiday somewhere in Ireland. Normally hen we do this I plan on heading out for some landscape photography at least once so we generally head somewhere that suits both my photograpghy needs and also has enough other activities for the kids and wife (shopping!). The first place I wanted to head to was Dingle, Co Kerry as there was a couple of beaches on the peninsula that I wanted to visit. Unfortunately we left the booking a bit late and couldn’t afford anything that was available. Next option was a friends house in Donegal that I photographed a few years ago. Its in a beautiful location but when I showed the missus how remote it was she figured there would be very little for an 8 year old and an 8 month old to do so that was out the window. Maybe I was being selfish….?? Haha… So I left it to Jane to organise where we went.

Before I knew it she had a hotel booked in Waterford City. I had only been there once before and to be honest didnt really mind where I went as work had been really bisy for the last few months and we all needed the break. Anyway we spent 3 nights with the family in the Tower Hotel which in general was excellent (apart form being stupidly warm at night…!). Before leaving I spent quite a while researching locations in Waterford for some seascapes (it being a coastal county…!). In fairness I didn’t expect much as I have never seen much on forums from Waterford. Anyway I ended up contacting a local very talented photographer – Noel Browne – who recommended a few locations for me. When I looked them up on Google Maps and my usual other locations I was surprised at how many beautiful beaches there where in Waterford. I decided on Ballydowane Cove which was about a 30 min drive from where I was staying.

I arrived at the beach with plenty of time before the sun was due to rise but even tough the forecast was giving decent conditions the sky stayed very dull and cloud cover ultimately blocked any chance of directional light at sunrise. Regardless the location itself was absolutely stunning and I persisted…… There was quite a swell on the tide and the wind was picking up quickly…

Rain was almost definitely on the way so I moved about the beach quickly. There where beautiful purple volcanic rocks and pebbles littered  across the sand which I tried to incorporate in to a few of my foregrounds. There where also a lot of yellow and orange washed pebbles in the wash that made for a colourful subject in an otherwise dull frame..!

Anyway I got some shots that I really like and thats all thatmatters…! Some more for my portfolio so to speak. Below are some more shots from Ballydowane beach.

_MG_9648 copy.jpgc14-_MG_9667 copy.jpgc23-_MG_9656 copy.jpgc27-_MG_9646 copy.jpgc28-_MG_9640 copy.jpgc32-_MG_9671 copy.jpgc37-_MG_9607 copy.jpgc45-_MG_9680 copy.jpgc56-_MG_9679 copy.jpgc68-_MG_9665.jpgc78-_MG_9597.jpgc80-_MG_9670 copy.jpgc86-_MG_9616.jpg

Later that day I took a drive with the family from Waterford City to Tramore and onwards along the coast. By that stage the weather and sky had cleared up but it was still very windy. The coastal drive is one of the most beautiful drives I have done in Ireland. Stunning little beaches and coves everywhere. Here are a couple more images from that drive and also from Hook head lighthouse form the day before…

c60-_MG_9731.jpgc100-_MG_9738.jpgc22-_MG_9734 copy.jpgc95-_MG_9744.jpg_MG_9746.jpgc23-_MG_9729.jpgc7-_MG_9566.jpgc35-_MG_9582.jpg

Anyway to finish I certainly wouldn’t have any problem going back to Waterford. Its such a beautiful county…. and I didn’t see the half of it…!!!!

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  1. DAMIEN August 24, 2011 at 07:54 #

    Looks like a nice spot, Like the shots with the sea stack in it Richie. Fair play to ye for getting up that early … thinking about heading to cooley this weekend for a sunset coast shot – Fri or Sat, if your interested – prob head off about 6ish and home for 10ish

  2. Chris Leonard August 26, 2011 at 01:28 #

    Hey Richie s usual a masterclass in coastal landscapes, really nicely done

  3. Richie Hatch August 26, 2011 at 06:38 #

    Thanks Damien and Chris…! Waterford has truly a stunning coastline. Well worth a visit.


  4. Noel Marry August 27, 2011 at 23:44 #

    stunning shots, but then i would not expect anything less from you.

  5. Gerald Walsh May 23, 2017 at 06:09 #

    Yours photos are fab. Waterford coast is photographer’s paradise.
    Other beaches that might be of interest 🙂
    Derrynane,Co.Kerry….easily the most beautiful beach in British isles…even American tourists rave about it! Withstrand beach,Galway…couple miles out the Barna road. Contains loads of rock imbedded fossils and cliffs reminiscent of Dover. Coral Beach,Carraroe,Galway….beach made up entirely of calcified algae,
    no sand,thus its name Coral Beach! Dunmore East,Co.Waterford,where Redwater BBC TV series filmed,very pretty Cornishlike seaside village makes for nice pics.
    Am also hobby photographer,but one of old school who still believe transparencies/slides are best for landscapes!

    • Richie Hatch May 23, 2017 at 10:50 #

      Many thanks for your kind comment Gerald. Waterford coast is really beautiful and back when I shot these it was massively undershot. Thankfully now its getting loads of nice photographs. I have to go back soon!

      Thanks again


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