A quick visit to Salterstown

Okay so with all the nice weather at the weekend I couldn’t not head out for a quick shoot. I had been driving around The Mourne mountains with the family all day and I was watering at the mouth to get out with the camera on Sunday evening. I had a few locations in mind but as the evening went on I suspected that nothing much was going to come of it so yet again I decided to go local. I rang a fellow landscape photographer friend (Damien Wogan…. in my opinion one of the best fine art landscapers in Ireland…. but he’s slow on the aul website scene..!!! haha) and he suggested we head out for a social chat and a bit of photography while we where at it. So I packed the usual gear for shooting seascapes and headed off on my massive 15 minute drive to the beach. I stuck on some Stone Roses on the way to get me in the mood…! Amazing the way a song can put ye in the right mindset for photography. Haha… Anyway by this stage the last remnants of any type of cloud in the sky had all but vanished…. very annoying as otherwise the conditions where really nice and the tides where just about right for the location. Shocking to think that the weather can be actually too good…. especially in Ireland. For the last few weeks I have seen some amazing sunsets but always had something else to do. Typical that the one evening I have a couple fo hours to spare that all the clouds in the sky have evaporated. Nothing worse than an empty blue sky in an image. I’d even go as far as saying that I’d prefer an overcast grey day to this…! Anyway I was out now so I might as well make the most of it. Off we set along the beach to find some type of interesting foreground. Salterstown is an interesting place to shoot as most tide levels reveal some type of foreground that works. On this occasion the tide was very high and was hitting areas with lots of directional rock formations. With the sun beginning to set it was casting a warm glow over the peaks of these rocks. There was nothing in the sky so the only think to do was use as strong a foreground as possible hope for the best. Shooting with the 5D2 and the 17-40L I shot wide and quite low. I added a 3 stop Lee ND hard grad to the sky to try and make something of an uninteresting blue flat sky. Below are 2 shots that probably worked the best but to be honest they are nothing I would be massively happy with… largely to do with this empty sky I keep going on about…

Anyway I kind of new these where not working out great so for the next half an hour we just stood around chatting about this and that. Finally after the sun had set I decided to try a panorama of the Cooley and Mourne mountains off in the distance. I have shot this many time before and as of yet I have still not got the shot I want. Regardless I stuck the 85mm F1.2 onto the camera, leveled out everything that I could, did a few test exposures shooting manually and proceeded to take approximately 8 shots. With the sun setting far to the West the difference in the light from left to right was a couple of stops. So I either exposure for one or the other or the middle. I did the latter and below is the result. The original file is over 200mbs and had my work iMac 27inch chugging along. Anyway its another shot that I am happy to have recordeed but not something that’ll be hanging on my wall anytime soon….

So yeah, I came away from the night unhappy that the sky didn’t perform. But on the other hand I had a great chat with my friend Damien. It was also a beautiful night to be outside…. the best part of landscape photography….!!!

Next up I’ll do another in the tips series…. watch this space….!


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