A quick visit to Clogherhead…

A few months back a friend asked me to take a photograph of Clogherhead beach in County Louth. For one reason or another I simply never got around to heading out to take the shot. So on Sunday evening I had a couple of hours to spare around sunset so I headed out to have a look at what I might find. Unfortunately it was a serious case of right time wrong location. I knew my orientation was completely wrong but I wasn’t expecting much of a sunset so I persisted anyway. I was joined by a friend and new camera club member Graham Walsh and I decided to use the opportunity to give him a few hints and good practice while shooting landscapes/seascapes. Anyway the first shot here was the one I was asked to take….

Overall I cant say I am very fond of the image…. Simply not a great location but it was exactly as I was asked to take…! I might end up removing that post and life ring thing but for the moment it stays. Here are a few more shore line shots I took while advising Graham on long exposures etc etc etc.

Tools used for the job included my trusty Canon 5D2, Canon 17-40L, Lee neutral density filters and Manfrotto tripod. Processed in Adobe Lightroom and tweaked in Photoshop. A tip for shooting on wet sand. When you place your tripod on the sand, dont immediately take the shot. The sand will slowly swallow the legs of your tripod for the first few seconds which would ruin and exposure at these slow shutter speeds. Either bed the tripod into the sand by leaning on it or put something wide and flat under each of the tripod feed to spread the weight. Me…. I just lean on it and hope for the best. Generally my shutter speeds are not crazy long (maybe 1-2 seconds) so the tripod isnt going to move much in that period even if its not bedded in much.

Thats me for now. I’m just back from an interesting architectural shoot in the Lourdes new Intensive Care Unit and I’m knackered. I’ll stick a blog post up when I am done processing.

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