Just about happy…..

Ok so it has finally happened… after a few years owning my domain and setup up a few websites for other people I have finally pretty much finished my own website and blog. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get it to roughly how I want it to look and now its almost done. I had never used WordPress before or anything like it but really enjoyed the process. The most time consuming part was actually finding the content, most of which already existed.

The theme I used was one by Photocrati which is very customisable and suited the type of site I had in mind. It wasn’t the cheapest theme but it works brilliantly and their support is second to none. Also this theme has an e-commerce section built in which is something I was thinking about . As of yet I havent implemented it but will over the coming few days so watch this space. I am by no means going to take credit for finding this theme…. in fact I feel a bit embarrassed about this…. a fellow landscape photographer and friend has recently changed his site to use the same theme and thats where I got my ideas…! Stephen Dickey has had a few different websites using templates but this one really caught my eye. So all credit go’s to Stephen and I apologise for ending up with such a similar site…. I suppose thats the nature of theme built websites so what the hell…! Anyway its the content that matters and you definitely win there…! 😉 Thanks too for your help during the build.

I have 2 more people I would also like to thank…. first up is Kristin Jensen from the very successful food blogging site – Dinner du Jour. Kristin guided me in the correct direction on using WordPress and was very helpful with the initial setup. In return Kristin uses some of my images on her new blog Edible Ireland. Best of luck with it. No doubt it’ll do fantasically well with such wonderful photographs..!!! haha

The next person I want to thank is Neil White. Neil’s the guy I annoy when I cant figure out the complications of computers, networks, domains etc etc. Always on the other end of WhatsApp or a quick email. Thing is he’s now to busy changing shitty nappies so I have to find someone else to bug with problems. 😎 No seriously thanks a mill Neil for the initial help with the setup. Be sure to check out his website here….!

Ok for the moment thats me done. I think I’ve thanked everybody I had to but if not you know I appreciate your help. I have many plans for blog entries and developing the sale section of this site so be sure to check back. Also for all you people I have linked to over on the sidebar…. well I’d love a link back…!

I’m ‘just about happy’…


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  1. Kristin June 14, 2011 at 05:53 #

    Well done, Richie! Can’t wait to read more and see more of your amazing photos. x

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